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MRI-Guided ROAR™
Real-Time On-Table Adaptive Radiotherapy

MRIdian SMART: Treat and Prove What Others Can’t


10 reasons to prove superiority of ViewRay MRIdian MR LINAC over traditional LINACs


  1. Real-time imaging: The ViewRay MRIdian MR LINAC combines both MRI and LINAC technologies, allowing for real-time imaging during radiation treatment. This allows doctors to make adjustments to the treatment plan if necessary, ensuring a more accurate and effective treatment.

  2. More precise targeting: The MRIdian MR LINAC's real-time imaging capabilities also allow for more precise targeting of tumors. Traditional LINACs rely on pre-treatment imaging, which may not accurately represent the tumor's location at the time of treatment.

  3. Less damage to healthy tissue: With the MRIdian MR LINAC's ability to precisely target tumors, there is less radiation exposure to healthy tissue. This can reduce side effects and complications associated with radiation therapy.

  4. Better visualization of soft tissue: The MRIdian MR LINAC's MRI capabilities allow for better visualization of soft tissue, making it easier for doctors to identify the exact location of tumors and surrounding tissue.

  5. Reduced need for repositioning: The MRIdian MR LINAC's real-time imaging capabilities eliminate the need for repositioning patients during treatment. This can reduce treatment time and increase patient comfort.

  6. More accurate dose calculation: The MRIdian MR LINAC uses real-time MRI images to calculate the exact dose of radiation needed for each treatment. This leads to more accurate dose calculations and a more effective treatment.

  7. Better tracking of tumor response: With the MRIdian MR LINAC's real-time imaging, doctors can monitor tumor response to treatment during the course of therapy. This allows for adjustments to the treatment plan if needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

  8. Reduced risk of treatment errors: The MRIdian MR LINAC's real-time imaging capabilities reduce the risk of treatment errors, such as incorrect targeting or dose calculations.

  9. More efficient treatment: The MRIdian MR LINAC's ability to combine imaging and radiation therapy in one machine streamlines the treatment process and makes it more efficient.

  10. More personalized treatment: With the MRIdian MR LINAC's real-time imaging capabilities, doctors can personalize treatment plans to each patient's unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Advanced Oncotherapy

Conquering Cancer MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy

MRIdian has treated over  24,000 patients.

After 8 years of clinical use, over 24,000 patients have been treated on MRIdian. Today, over 50 hospitals worldwide have built successful MRIdian programs to expand cancer care with many centers investing in additional systems to meet patient demand. Research how MRIdian offers personalized cancer treatment for pancreas, prostate, lung, liver, breast, and oligometastatic cancers.

Discover MRIdian®

MRIdian gives clinicians the confidence to shrink margins while escalating dose and reducing fractions. Patients have more treatment options, better treatment outcomes, reduced toxicity and improved quality of life.

Combining the latest innovations in precision radiation delivery, groundbreaking MR image guidance, and on-table adaptive therapy, MRIdian represents a new paradigm in radiation oncology.

MRIdian - MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy

Our Mission : To Treat and Prove What Others Can't

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A New Paradigm in Radiation Oncology

Over the past 30 years, conventional IGRT has introduced many life saving developments, yet poor soft tissue contrast, the use of surrogates to identify anatomy, and having no real-time imaging during beam-on have often constrained clinical potential.

Combining the latest innovations in precision radiation delivery with groundbreaking MR image guidance and on-table adaptive therapy, it’s time for the next big advance in radiation oncology.

The future of radiation therapy is here.

First pioneered by ViewRay in 2012, MRI-Guided ROAR™ represents a new paradigm in the treatment of cancer, providing clinicians with the ability to improve targeting precision and thus deliver higher, and potentially more effective, radiation doses.


Able to fit within almost any existing standard linear accelerator vault, MRIdian’s compact SmartSITE footprint addresses common physical space limitations and avoids the excessive delays, interruptions, and costs necessary to remove walls or build custom, large-scale vaults.


MRIdian is the only radiotherapy solution that can see and track soft tissue and tumors in real time.

MRIdian’s SmartVISION delivers high-definition, diagnostic-quality imaging designed specifically to maintain high-fidelity beam delivery while virtually eliminating the risks of skin toxicities, trapped or distorted dose and other concerns that may occur when high magnetic fields interact with radiation beams.


MRIdian shapes the dose to fit the day. It’s the only MR solution that enables integrated adaptive treatment for on-table reoptimization of the daily treatment plan.

MRIdian captures 8 frames per second, leveraging high-contrast anatomical detail to rapidly reshape dose delivery based on the current position of both the tumor and adjacent critical structures – all while the patient is in the treatment position.


MRIdian knows when to strike, visualizing the tumor’s edges and surrounding organ position in real time.

It’s the only RT solution with automated beam gating for precise and accurate dosing. When the tumor moves, the beam stops. Clinicians can shrink margins with confidence while escalating dose and reducing fractions.

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More Patients. More Proof. More Promise.

At ViewRay, we are re-envisioning radiation therapy to conquer cancer with MRIdian®. In routine clinical use throughout the world, the MRIdian system is revolutionizing radiation oncology and emerging as a new paradigm in patient care.

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