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Surface Guided Radiation Therapy system to support reproducible patient positioning and monitor patient surface motion at LINAC and CT

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The New More in SGRT

LUNA 3D offers a browser-based user interface for easy deployment on multiple screens and streamlined workflows. Workflow support is also designed to be as friction-free as possible with features like a virtual laser for fast and easy patient set-up as well as flexible and secure access to data for preparation and reporting from other devices within the network.

For treatments involving breathhold techniques, LUNA 3D´s patient coaching screen helps engage and guide patients, facilitates precise dose delivery and patient cooperation. LUNA 3D supports ergonomic patient setup, minimizing contorted movements of therapists and enabling initial patient setup in a comfortable couch position. It utilizes high-resolution stereoscopic CMOS camera technology with GPU-powered calculations for accuracy and low latency. Multiple regions of interest (ROIs) enable the focus on different surface regions during setup and treatment.

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