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Stereotactic Partial Breast Irradiation   (S-PBI)

  • Treat more patients.

  • More efficiently.

  • With more conformal dose distributions.

GammaPod is the world's first stereotactic radiotherapy system optimized for treating breast cancer.

With GammaPod, radiation oncologists can be at the forefront of a new era in cancer care by providing Stereotactic Partial Breast Irradiation (S-PBI), an advanced type of SBRT, for breast cancer. The delivery of higher doses in one or several large fractions differentiates stereotactic radiotherapy from conventional techniques.


The GammaPod system is composed of the treatment delivery system, the stereotactic localization and immobilization device, prone patient loading systems and a treatment planning system.

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Breast cancer patients typically account for 25% or more of patient volumes in today’s radiation oncology clinics. 

  • ​Xcision Medical Systems has developed GammaPod™, an optimized solution for ultra-accelerated stereotactic partial breast irradiation in the prone position. The technology has been designed to overcome the challenges of current techniques and improve the treatment experience for patients. 

  • The delivery of higher doses of conformal radiation with sharp falloff in one or several large fractions differentiates stereotactic radiotherapy from conventional techniques. 

Creating New Possibilities fo Breast Cancer Treatment

  • Born out of the vision to extend the dosimetric benefits of stereotactic radiotherapy to patients undergoing breast conserving treatment, GammaPod is a new precision tool with the potential to change the way early stage breast cancer is managed.

  • The ability to safely and confidently deliver a focal dose of radiation to a target within the breast is giving clinicians the opportunity to take breast radiotherapy to new levels.

  • With GammaPod, radiation oncologists have a new tool for delivering ultra-accelerated courses of adjuvant stereotactic partial breast irradiation, reducing tumor bed boosts to a single fraction for patients receiving whole breast irradiation and neoadjuvant treatments at ablative dose levels.

  • GammaPod combines a continuously rotating, 25-source irradiation unit with 15 mm and 25 mm collimators and dynamic table motion during treatment to paint the radiation dose to the target. 

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How it Works

  • Treatment system continuously rotates, creating thousands of beam angles.

  • Individual beams converge to create an intense focal spot, delivering the full dose to the target while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

  • 25mm and 15mm collimators dynamically change during treatment.

  • Table motion during treatment enables dynamic dose painting as the target moves across the focal spot in three dimensions.

Breast Cup System for Immobilization and Stereotactic Localisation

  • Stereotactic radiotherapy requires a high degree of precision to ensure accurate dose delivery.  The GammaPod uses a first of its kind vacuum-assisted, dual-cup system that adheres noninvasively to the breast.

  • The GammaPod breast cup system provides breast tissue immobilization, serves as a stereotactic frame and enables reproducible setup between imaging and treatment.

System Components


Inner Cup




Outer Cup

  • Patients are custom fit with the appropriately sized inner cup.

  • Inner cup is joined via a silicone flange to a rigid outer cup containing an embedded stereotactic fiducial wire.

  • Adhesive on the flange helps the device adhere to the patient.

  • Attached suction pump evacuates the air from between the cups to provide a stable immobilization.


GammaPod Patient Imaging Loader

  • Clinical trials have found that prone positioning for breast cancer radiotherapy offers multiple benefits. The affected breast naturally falls away from chest wall and treatments can be designed to limit dose to the heart and lungs.

  • The GammaPod uses prone patient loaders in the imaging and treatment rooms to quickly and comfortably set up patients in the prone position.  Providing reproducible setup at the time of imaging and treatment obviates the need for in-room image guidance.

  • Patients step onto the loader wearing the breast cup, which fits through an aperture in the couch and is securely docked in place.

  • Smooth rotation of the couch seamlessly moves patients from the standing to prone position.

  • For the Imager Loader, the CT table receives the couch and patient, which is then positioned for scanning.

  • For the Treatment Loader, the GammaPod receives the couch and patient, which is then positioned for treatment.

Fast Treatment Planning

  • The GammaPod treatment planning system (TPS) uses sophisticated Monte Carlo dose calculations, the gold standard in radiotherapy, to create a dynamic travel path along which the couch will during the delivery of the prescribed dose.  To accommodate the scan-plan-treat clinical workflow, the TPS provides clinicians with tools for quickly creating a new treatment plan each day based on changes to the target and anatomy.

  • Single-click localization of the stereotactic fiducial wire.

  • Intuitive contouring tools for defining the GTV with interpolation between image slices.

  • Easy creation of uniform margin expansion to define PTV.

  • Rapid optimization based on plan goals.

  • Following approval, plans are transported to the treatment control system for verification and delivery..

Dynamic Dose Painting

Discover how the GammaPod system securely immobilizes the breast, rotates the patient to the prone position and uses dynamic dose painting to deliver a highly conformal dose to the target with sharp falloff to minimize dose to thesurrounding healthy tissue, heart and lungs.

GammaPod™ has received 510 (k) clearance for the US FDA and CE mark for the EU.  Please contact us for the regulatory status in your country.

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